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Design Starter Kit
'create better graphics'

> Learn Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign Basics
> Improve your skill set on this one-day course
> Learn from an industry-leading expert

This course is tailored for individuals who want a quick starter guide to using the software or are starting their journey in design.
This is a 1-day course covers beginner-level training for the three essential design software packages:
Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
Whether you want to enhance your personal project skills for the design of social media or aim for a graphic design career, this bundle offers fundamental knowledge and skills to kickstart your journey.

In the Photoshop course, you’ll learn image creation, editing, effects, layer management, and masking. Illustrator training focuses on vector graphics creation, typography, and illustration techniques. In the InDesign segment, you’ll grasp basic document layout, typography, and file preparation for both print and digital media.

All courses include an introduction to Generative AI.

Your experienced instructor will provide hands-on guidance, ensuring individualised attention to bolster your confidence in each software. By the end, you’ll possess a solid understanding of design principles and proficient skills to craft visually stunning projects.

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Adobe Illustrator Basics

Embark on a journey into the world of vector graphics with our Illustrator Beginner Course. Unlock your creative potential as you delve into essential tools and techniques, crafting captivating illustrations and designs. Through immersive hands-on exercises, you'll hone practical skills, nurturing your creativity and expanding your portfolio. Kickstart your path towards mastering Illustrator.

Adobe Photoshop Basics

Ready to level up your digital design prowess? Dive into our introductory Photoshop course designed for beginners. We will lead you through the essentials of photo manipulation and graphic design, equipping you with the skills to craft striking visual content. Through immersive
hands-on sessions,
  you'll not only acquire the necessary tools but also the confidence to unleash your creativity.

Adobe InDesign Basics

Adobe InDesign stands as a robust desktop publishing solution, empowering users to craft and distribute top-tier documents like brochures, magazines, and eBooks with finesse. Within InDesign's realm, users wield the power to sculpt layouts, finesse text formatting, and embellish their creations with captivating imagery and graphics. So let's take your first steps into the world of InDesign.