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Jamie Hewlett


Following on from decades of gleeful graphic art rebellion, during which he cultivated a post punk phenomenon with the comic strip “Tank Girl” with writer Alan Martin. Jamie went on to co-create the animated band Gorillaz, the world’s first virtual pop band with Blur’s Damon AlbarnJamie was named the Design Museum’s Designer of the Year in 2006. Hewlett and Albarn premiered their first major work since Gorillaz in 2007,  entitled Monkey: Journey to the West, a re-working of the ancient Chinese legend Journey to the West. In 2008 Hewlett and Albarn created the animation sequence the BBC used to introduce coverage of the Beijing Olympics. Jamie has more recently turned his talents to fine art with the exhibition “The Suggestionists” which opened at the Saatchi Gallery, London and is now travelling from New York to Berlin. Jamie now lives and works in Paris.