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Careers and networking

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The experience you gain from our courses is equivalent to being a Junior Designer who’s been in the industry for a year or so. Bill and his team will train you personally, assisting you as you build a full professional portfolio, and even helping you to make connections from their vast design network. We’ve had previous students go on to work for high-profile companies in Brighton, London, Europe, USA, and Australia.

Strohacker Design School prepares you for a wide range of careers within the design world. The skills you obtain while on the course will not limit you to one specific type of Graphic Design job.

For example, you might work in a dedicated graphic design studio similar to Strohacker graduate Alice Croucher who has done started her career in a design studio as a junior graphic designer working on Branding and Digital graphic design projects.

Or you could work as a freelance graphic designer, similar to another graduate, Jasmine King, who has worked on projects ranging from Illustrations to Website design.

The majority of employers looking for a Graphic Designer will be more interested in your portfolio work than your qualifications. Your portfolio will show your level of skill, the quality of your work, and your knowledge of the design world. By offering an employer your portfolio, they will be able to see your achievements, style, and creativity and judge whether you will make a good fit for the role they have.

Yes. Bill Strohacker is a practicing graphic designer

with more than 20 years of experience. Our guest tutors are well-known in the design world and all members of the team are happy to share their experience of the industry with students. If there is a particular designer you wish to be connected to, Bill will contact them on your behalf, and even guest tutors will network with you!