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Upgrade Your Web Graphic Design

When you run a website designing agency, not having the necessary graphic design skills in-house can lead to a major headache. Your time, money, and reputation are at stake if you fall into the problem of having weak graphic design skills. How will you fill this void? By improving the web graphic design skills of an existing employee.

Fill The Graphic Design Gap

Picture the scene: You’re given a project that requires extensive graphic design work, but you don’t have someone in-house with the necessary skills.

So you advertise online or go to a recruitment agency to find someone on a freelance or temporary contract basis. You invest time, money, and resources in hiring a designer that you believe has the necessary skills. 

The next project arrives, but the designer is unavailable. You restart your search. You’ve wasted more time and more money trying to fill the graphic design gap at your web agency but the hole still remains. 

At Strohacker Design School, we recognise that hiring a full-time graphic designer isn’t necessarily the way forward – especially in the modern digital world – but upskilling your workforce certainly is! 

UpSkill Your Work Force

Upskilling employees is not a new phenomenon, Apprenticeship schemes have been in place since the early 90’s offering businesses the opportunity cheaper labour on the basis of them passing on their extensive knowledge and industry experience. 

Employers build Apprenticeships that reflect the appropriate information, skills, and behaviours that a company requires. However, Apprenticeships work on the basis of offering significantly lower salaries to employees and forcing them into a classroom to learn once a week. 

Upskilling your workforce with Strohacker Design School will change all of that – for the better! Strohacker Design School offers full time, part-time and online remote graphic design courses to give businesses flexibility when it comes to providing employees with new, essential digital media skills like graphic design.

Upgrade Your Web Design With a Graphic Design Course

When it comes to graphic design, the correct skill set is critical for online businesses in today’s industry. You want someone who can jump right in and work in a fast-paced workplace. You want someone who has worked in a studio before and knows how to handle a live brief. 

Strohacker Design School offer the full package when it comes to building essential graphic design skills. During each course, students will work on intensive design briefs that are industry-focused. Our graphic design pupils create a portfolio that will serve as a valuable tool for showing their graphic design abilities to clients. 

The Strohacker Design School gives you the chance to learn from some of the best designers in the country. Our patrons include Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett, Tank Girl writer and co-creator Alan Martin, and world-renowned fine artist Lady Pippa Blake. John McFaul, a creative icon, is our head professor, and our staff are a who’s who of design visionaries.

You want to be putting out work as a web agency that delivers on all fronts for your clients and puts your company on the map. This is difficult to achieve when you have a graphic design gap in your web agency.

Upgrade your online agency’s visual design skills by enrolling an employee in a Strohacker Design School course.


At Strohacker Design school you can learn graphic design in just three months.

95% of our students go on to find long term creative employment, so what are you waiting for?

Be Job Ready!

Find out more about our online graphic design coursepart-time or full-time courses today.

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