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‘Too many young people are being sold a false dream and end up doing a poor-quality course that doesn’t offer the prospect of a decent job at the end of it.’

This is a recent quote by Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak.

Strohacker Design School, Graphic Design Course

We offer students an alternative, with this exciting opportunity to forge a path to success!

The Strohacker Design School is thrilled to announce its premier graphic design course that promises individuals an extraordinary opportunity to unleash their creative potential and secure a prosperous future. With groundbreaking teachings and nurturing guidance, this course ensures a rewarding career in the dynamic world of graphic design.

The UK Prime Minister recently voiced concerns about poor-quality courses that do not lead to promising job prospects. At Strohacker Design School, we wholeheartedly agree, which is why we are committed to providing a top-tier educational experience that equips students with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in this competitive industry.

Written and led by industry-leading professionals, the graphic design course at Strohacker Design School boasts an exciting curriculum that seamlessly blends theoretical knowledge with practical application. From mastering design principles to exploring the latest trends and technologies, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of graphic design and its limitless possibilities.

But what truly sets our graphic design course apart is our unwavering dedication to ensuring job-ready graduates. With a strong focus on hands-on projects, real-world experiences, and industry connections, students will be poised to make an immediate impact upon completing the course. Additionally, we will go above and beyond to support students in helping them to secure internships, freelance projects, and full-time employment.

At Strohacker Design School, we firmly believe that creativity knows no boundaries, and our graphic design course reflects this philosophy by offering a truly inclusive and collaborative learning environment. Whether you have prior experience in design or are completely new to the field, our passionate and supportive community will ensure that you thrive and realize your true potential.

So why settle for a subpar university course when you can embark on a transformative journey with the Strohacker Design School? Take charge of your future today and join us in shaping the visual landscape of tomorrow. Enroll in our graphic design course and let your creative brilliance shine.

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