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sustainable packaging in graphic design

Sustainable Packaging in Graphic Design

Sustainable Packaging on Products Changes The Graphic Design Game For Creatives

Sustainability in businesses is a big principle for brands in 2022 – and for good reason. We all need to look at ways we can help the environment in genuine, effective ways. 

The change to sustainable product packaging has come about due to the well-reported impacts of environmental damage and climate pollution. 

It’s time to find out which brands are leading the way in sustainable product packaging and discover how graphic designers have adapted to the ever-changing needs of producing packaging designs.

What Is Sustainable Product Packaging?

Sustainable product packaging is environmentally friendly and does not contribute to pollution or the depletion of natural resources. This includes package sourcing and development, as well as packaging solutions. Sounds simple right? 

The sustainable aspect of product packaging most commonly takes the form of packaging composed of recycled paper or natural materials such as seaweed, cornstarch, and mushrooms. But lets be honest, it’s mainly paper and cardboard. 

Many materials used in traditional packaging can be hazardous to one’s health and are not environmentally friendly in terms of raw materials and fossil fuels. It is critical to choose biodegradable and recyclable materials to replace this type of material.

How Is The Graphic Design Process Changed By Sustainable Product Packaging?

It’s already clear that branding has had to adapt to the restrictions that sustainable product packaging places on the design process. The use of colour, the use of alternative materials and the use of unconventional printing processes have already made a difference. 

Now, as a graphic designer, the reliance on shape is more important than ever. It is much more costly and difficult to print on sustainable materials, so large and sharp designs are more effective than ever. 

From a branding perspective, the logo is more important than ever in effectively conveying brand identity. When developing a new business, it’s important to future proof your brand as much as possible. Most logos become eligible when scaling down. To avoid this you should use responsive logos in your branding. It’s less cost at the printers!

Which Brands Have Implemented Sustainable Packaging?

Sky Glass

Sky’s new “Sky Glass” has embraced the concept of sustainable packaging by providing it’s new Smart TV in completely recyclable packaging. The TV is securely held within the container exclusively with cardboard, instead of more typical materials like polystyrene.


Speaking of cardboard boxes, shoe boxes represent a massive amount of graphic design and branding opportunities. Puma has designed a sustainable shoe box that uses at least 65% less cardboard than traditional shoe boxes.

Riley Studio

Clothing brands are just beginning to take steps to minimise the industry’s carbon footprint and implement ethical practices too – all without ever compromising on style. The front runners in this race are Riley Studio. Riley Studio is a true pioneer in sustainable design, with ranges of gender-neutral wardrobe staples made entirely from recycled, organic, and waste materials.

Are you ready to step into the world of sustainable packaging by developing your graphic design career? Be sure to browse of range of graphic design courses and discover how we lead the way in innovation!

2 thoughts on “Sustainable Packaging in Graphic Design”

  1. In my opinion this article brilliantly highlights the transformative effects of sustainable packaging on the graphic design industry, offering not just an eco-friendly way forward, but also an opportunity to push creative boundaries.

    I appreciate the clear explanation of what sustainable packaging is and the common materials used. However, the critical viewpoint about the predominance of paper and cardboard invites us to think further about the diversity of sustainable materials available.

    The necessity of adapting the graphic design process to fit sustainable packaging presents both challenges and opportunities. The emphasis on shape, alternative materials, and unconventional printing processes has the potential to lead to truly innovative designs. Moreover, the heightened importance of the logo in sustainable packaging design could inspire a new wave of minimalistic, yet effective branding.

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