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#StohNews Graphic Design News July 2021

14th July 2021

Canada Water Rebranded by DixonBaxi

Canda Water is undergoing a 12-year regeneration project to improve 53 acres with new homes, shops and infrastructure. DixonBaxi was appointed to encapsulate the area with a branding project described as “an expressionist brand for a rapidly transforming Canada Water”.

Read more about the Canada Water Rebrand.

19th July 2021

Canovation Wins Red Dot Packaging Design Award 2021

An innovative packaging design called the CanReseal® has won the prestigious Red Dot Design award for both packaging and ‘Best of Best’ categories. Canovation creates packaging solutions that are recyclable, resealable, safe, economical, and fully environmentally sustainable.

Read more on how Canovation won the award.

1st July 2021

Penguin Announces Student Design Award Winners 2021

The Student Design Award competition is open to anyone studying on a Further Education or Higher Education course – part-time or full time, in any subject and at any level at the time of the deadline for entries.

Read more about Penguins announcement.

27th July 2021

Study Finds Typeface is a Form of Political Communication

Professor Katherine Haenschen analysed over 900 candidate logos from the 2018 mid-term elections. The research found a correlation between the political parties using serif or sans-serif font as well as a difference between handwritten and other design elements.

Read more on Typeface in Politics.

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