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Retrain as a graphic designer in three months

Hannah Fisher went from zero experience as a graphic designer to securing a position as an in-house junior graphic designer at one of the world’s top pharma companies in 6 months!

Read her story…

How did they hear about the Strohacker Design School?

I noticed an article on the Design Week website.

Why were you interested in studying at the Strohacker Design School?

I did not feel that I needed formal qualifications as I had these from other areas and felt I had good experience in order to learn in an intense way for 3 months. The idea that you would be taught by actual full time practising designers was unique and interesting.

Prior to starting the course, did you have a clear direction?

I enrolled on the course because I wanted to develop skills and a portfolio to be able to enter the industry as a junior designer, so previous to the course the career direction was to change careers and move into the design industry.

When you started the course, which of the design modules were you particularly looking forward to?

I was actually looking forward to all of the design modules as one of the reasons for doing the course was to get a taste for all of them.

After the first few weeks, what were your impressions about the teaching and the modules?

I was excited about getting feedback from successful and practising designers with a lot of experience and after the first week the impression was that this helped give you a purposeful direction. The enthusiasm from the course leader was fantastic and the briefs were open which was great.

Have the course facilities and available technology met your expectations?

The studio room and the computers were all suitable and comfortable and a nice environment to work in with great on site facilities.

It’s quite an intense course, have you felt supported by the tutors?

The tutors are very supportive and positive and embrace all individual working and design preferences and personal styles.

What were the creative highlights so far for you?

All the modules had their own highlights in their own right and have all been challenging in different ways. They all have a lot of scope for development too.

The tutors enthusiasm, friendliness and openness have inspired me. The diverse range of projects have been inspiring and projects clearly broken down, which meant that you felt comfortable and prepared for tackling the brief.


Has the course modules provided you with enough practical opportunities to build a portfolio that will help you to find work?

The course is packed with a great range of modules, the technical software skills, need to be mostly developed independently, so as long as you can juggle the challenges of short briefs and deadlines and creative generation of ideas and at the same time, then you should be prepared for work.

In three words, how would you describe the design course?

Personalised, purposeful, inspiring.

Would you recommend the course and Strohacker Design School to prospective students who are interested in a career in design?

Yes, this course is great for people changing careers or moving sideways and wanting to develop their portfolio. Having practising designers on the course is inspiring and purposeful.

Did you find the follow up support helpful?

Bill and the team have been amazing and are there to support you even after the course, the technical part is important, but this course will teach you how to integrate into the design industry! This team know how to retrain you!

Where are you now?

After a couple of interviews, I was offered a position as in-house junior graphic designer with Roche UK, which I accepted. It took me 6 months from start to finish to find a job!

If you think that you or someone you know has what it takes to become a professional graphic designer in 3 months get in touch!

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