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learn practical graphic design skills

Learn Practical Graphic Design Skills

Learn Career Ready Graphic Design Skills With Our Hands-On Graphic Design Course

There are few things more important when learning a new skill than hands-on experience. Of course, the theory and ideologies of the skill are important but we subscribe to the philosophy of learning by doing.

Ready to get stuck in? Discover the benefits of learning graphic design on a practical, hands-on graphic design course.

The Benefits of Practical Learning

So, why is practical learning in graphic design so beneficial? Well, practical learning allows you to get a better understanding of your course topic as you are getting to grips with the skill. Because of this, it’s, therefore, more common to retain information over a long period of time.

Also, as graphic design is such a practical skill, grasping the dexterity of individual tasks allows for a student to pick up the practical skills quicker! 

When it comes to a Strohacker Design School graphic design course, there is a distinct practical aspect to our graphic design courses. All of our modules involve “live briefs” which have been developed by industry experts.

“Practical work is more beneficial to a designer than academic work.”

Essential Graphic Design Skills

Now we’ve established the importance of learning practically when developing graphic design skills, it’s time to discover which design skills are of the utmost importance.

There are a total of 9 Modules (otherwise known as projects) on the course. These 9 modules encompass the essential graphic design skills students need to quickly secure a job in graphic design. 

These 9 modules include self-branding, book cover design print and digital advertising, print and pattern design, apparel brand design, magazine design and UX/UI design.

“These modules have been specially chosen to get our students job-ready.”

Build a Portfolio of Practical Projects

Once the aforementioned 9 modules have been completed and signed off by a Strohacker Design School tutor, the attention then turns toward completing a finished portfolio of graphic design work. 

This finished graphic design portfolio comes in both a digital and physical format and will act as evidence for an employer of a student’s graphic design experience. This evidence showcases your work from across our 9 modules, each of which showcases your variety of talents and ability to react effectively to a range of briefs. 

Don’t forget! We’re a practical first, portfolio driven school – there are no final exams!

“Students are free to explore their creative mindset as much as they want”

Strohacker Design School’s Practical Graphic Design Courses

So, what are the different graphic design courses on offer at the Strohacker Design School? Well, we’re flexible: we offer full time, part-time and online graphic design courses. 

Despite the flexible options on offer, we’re consistent in our delivery of expertise. Each of our practical graphic design courses provides the skills you need to be job-ready! 

However, we offer more than just a graphic design course. We offer long term career guidance and development, with the opportunities to grow your career in whatever way you think is best – whether that’s salaried, part-time or freelance. We’re here for you!

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