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Print & Pattern Design with Marie Rendina

Module 3 – Print & Pattern Design with Marie Rendina

What will the students be learning?

On the 5th of October, our students here at the Strohacker Design School have started a brand new module, where we will be teaching students how to use print & pattern, and to design a collection that can be used across multiple products, either to promote themselves or a product. With the help from our guest lecturer, the amazing Marie Rendina, an Illustrative Fashion Designer specialized in Childrens & Women’s wear.

Who is Marie Rendina?

Marie first graduated in Fashion Design and Patternmaking over 20 Years ago in a fashion school called “The École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode” (ESMOD for short) based in Paris, France. Marie then went on to working as a womenswear head of design for a French denim company called Liberto.

In the early 2000s, Marie decided to start a new life in Brighton where she set up her own consulting agency. She has worked as a consultant for surfwear companies as well as casual attire high street brands such as Fatface, Whitestuff, and House of Fraser. The past 5 years she spent working within the industry, she has become more specialized in kidswear and ethical manufacturing. She believed it was her duty to make the fashion world more ethical and beneficial for those around the world, after seeing first hand the disastrous effect of fashion manufacturing on the climate of India. From then on, Marie made it her goal to use sustainable and organic materials such as cotton, fabrics made from recycled materials, and using non-toxic dyes for printing and fabrics, as well as working with Fair Trade factories for yarn and manufacturing.

Marie is now known for her incredibly colorful, whimsical, and ethical pattern designs which had led her to work with the French brand, Coq en Pâte. Her work consists of creating themes each season, inspired by animals that are endangered of becoming extinct, and works in collaboration with her Illustrator partner, Mibo. Marie dedicates some of the funds earned from selling her designs to donating them to the Conservation of Nature charity, which raises awareness of endangered species but in an educational and fun way for children.

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