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ways to make money as a graphic designer

Bonus Ways To Make Money as a Graphic Designer

Find The Most Effective Ways to Make Extra Money as a Graphic Designer

In the current climate, it’s becoming ever more common to have a side hustle to earn extra income on the side. Whether this is passive income from a product or just offering your services on a freelance basis

As a graphic designer, you’ll be sure to have built up an excellent portfolio of skills across your career. Even if you’ve only just qualified as a graphic designer, you’ll still have the fundamental skills to effectively make extra income. 

Discover the most simple and effective techniques for making extra money as a graphic designer!

Design & Sell Your Own Templates

Digital designers have no doubt recognised the current trends in graphic design and already tailor their assets towards these. It’s unlikely that smaller businesses recognise these trends and consequently end up completely off the mark. 

Using your graphic design experience, you can build and sell a number of assets that can easily be dispatched for customers to edit. Once you have the template, it’s easy to edit aspects such as fonts and colours. 

*TopTip – Small businesses are unlikely to have the budget for Adobe Creative Cloud, why not create basic templates on Canva?

There are lots of places you can sell these templates. Etsy offers great space to sell digital assets and provides extra security for you and the buyer. Alternatively, you could sell templates on your own site.

Find Sustainable Freelance Work

Freelancing is without a doubt one of the most consistently effective ways of making extra money as a graphic designer. It can take some time to build a network of reliable connections but once you have them, they’re not going anywhere! 

*TopTip – Check out your local business enterprise centre to find freelance graphic design work!

The trick to making extra money as a salaried graphic designer via freelance work is to price yourself effectively and manage your time well. There’s no use in working your ass off in your freelance work if your’re not being paid a proper remuneration. Once you have the clients, it’s super easy to offer extra services and exploit the potential in their business. 

Obviously, if you’re already a graphic designer who earns their bread exclusively via freelance graphic design work, there’s not much you can do to earn extra money. You could however increase your prices or drop cheaper clients to spend your time more effectively. 

Your Custom Designs On Products

If you have a passion for digital designs, selling these designs on different products should already be up your street! 

All sorts of designs can be sold effectively online. It doesn’t matter if it’s image-based or text-heavy – it just has to be something people can buy into. Designs can be applied to everything from t-shirts and mugs to tote bags and pillows. 

*TopTip – Get inspired by movies, TV and media for ideas, just don’t infringe anyone’s copyright!

There are dozens of sites where you can upload, optimise and start selling your digital designs on products. Do your research to discover which site works best for you! Speaking from user experience, I’ve purchased reliably from Redbubble.

Consultation + Bonus Skills

As we’ve established, you’ve already worked hard to build your portfolio and have built up investable graphic design skills. That’s why it isn’t always your job to be the designer in a project – you could be brought on as a consultant. 

As a graphic design consultant, your main duties would be communicating with companies and acting as an advisor on projects by providing dedicated feedback utilising your wealth of graphic design experience. 

*TopTip – Your designer’s eye is hugely important to small businesses who don’t know what “looks good”. 

With a career in graphic design, you’re also bound to have built up additional skills within the greater digital landscape. This is most likely to include a lot of knowledge in digital marketing. More specifically, aspects like social media and web design. Use and expand upon this knowledge and you can offer it as an additional service.

Want to brush up on your design skills? Why not sign up for a Strohacker Design School graphic design course to start working on your graphic design skills!?

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