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how to charge more as a graphic designer

How to Charge More as a Graphic Designer

Discover How to Reasonably Charge More For Your Freelance Graphic Design Skills

With the UK’s cost of living crises hitting the British self-employed hardest than most, you might find yourself in the unenviable position of having to charge more for your freelance graphic design services. 

But with the increase, what if your client can’t afford to pay more? What if you can’t find more clients? How can I earn extra money on the side? 

The Strohacker Design School can answer these questions and more! So, read on to discover how to increase your freelance graphic design prices and learn how to charge more as a graphic designer.

Your Portfolio Proves Your Prices

At the Strohacker Design School, we’ve long been preaching about the importance of a proper portfolio! Now more than ever, a portfolio is a showcase of your skills and by extension, the amount you can reasonably charge as a freelancer. Remember, people pay for skill.

When a client has evidence of your skills, especially within the same market or genre, they will be more convinced to invest in your services. Not only does a portfolio showcase your talent, it also reminds a client of the investment you have made in your skills. They are paying for the skills you spent time and money working on. 

When reviewing your portfolio, learning the importance of self-branding is essential. Whilst we cover this in all of our graphic design courses, not everyone does. A quick tip is to compare your portfolio to what similar freelancers are doing. When you pit your experience and expertise up against freelancers at your level, you will also discover the prices they are charging – adjust accordingly!

It’s Not About Time… It’s About Impact

Have you ever looked at a nurse and thought: “wow, that takes so much skill and training and they make it look easy!”. Well, graphic design skills are looked upon similarly. Though obviously far less noble! 

If you’ve ever heard of the “1.5 million-dollar napkin” story, you’ll see the importance in money over time. In 1998, when Citicorp and Traveler’s Group merged to form Citigroup, Paula Scher developed the Citibank logo. Scher and her team met with Citibank executives to discuss the new logo’s requirements. While they conversed, she began sketching, and five minutes later, she exclaimed, “This is your logo,” and handed them their new logo.

It’s not the time it takes, but the impact it makes on the client. As a graphic designer, these are words to live by. Believe in yourself and believe in your skills. 

When it comes to convincing potential clients of your skills, hefty hourly prices may be received with reluctance. But this is exactly what your freelance experience and talents have prepared you for: backing up your knowledge and demonstrating to clients why it’s in their best interests to pay for quality rather than try to save money by hiring a less experienced designer.

3 Bonus Ways to Make Money as a Freelancer

  • Design & Sell Your Own Templates
  • Your Custom Designs On Products
  • Offer a Consultation Service

If you want to boost your existing graphic design skills and develop more industry connections, contact the Strohacker Design School today!

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