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Eshé Brown – Dream job in 5 months

How to change your job, become creative and get paid what you deserve? All in 3 months!

Eshé Brown went from working in PR to securing a position in her dream job as a graphic designer at one of Brighton’s most respected agencies, in just 5 months!

Read her story…

“I didn’t expect to learn so much in just 3 months. It’s been an incredible experience meeting all the patrons and learning from their years in the industry – that’s certainly been the highlight of the course for me. I loved the apparel and packaging project – seeing your design on an object really brings the work to life and you feel as though you’re working in a real studio environment. Doing the course has completely changed my life and I am so much happier now that I’ve changed my career. I am doing a role much better suited to my strengths and I wake up every day and I look forward to going to work.”

Where are you now?

After only 2 interviews, I was offered the job that I wanted… Graphic Designer at Pegasus in Brighton, UK.

Would you recommend the course and Strohacker Design School to prospective students who are interested in a career in design?

Yes, this course is great for people changing careers or moving sideways and wanting to develop their portfolio. Having practising designers on the course is inspiring and purposeful.

Did you find the follow-up support helpful?

Bill and the team have been amazing and are there to support you even after the course, the technical part is important, but this course will teach you how to integrate into the design industry! This team know how to retrain you!

If you think that you or someone you know has what it takes to become a professional graphic designer in 3 months get in touch!

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