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How To Succeed In Graphic Design With No Experience

Discover How To Learn Graphic Design With No Experience

A potential career in graphic design has to start somewhere! Before starting any new adventure, it’s not likely you will have much practical knowledge of the industry.

But learning graphic design with no experience doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t even half to be hard to find a job with little experience!

Discover how your graphic design career can be kickstarted with little to no experience and how the Strohacker Design School can help.

What Graphic Design Experience Should I Have?

As we just established, graphic design experience isn’t essential, but it certainly helps! Above all, it’s important to have a passion and knowledge of the world you are about to step into.

If you are a creative person who notices how colours, fonts and shapes showcase themselves on a day to day basis, graphic design is probably for you.

If you are a small businesses owner or do anything digital, you’ve probably heard of tools like Canva. Whilst Canva is an excellent starter tool to propel you into designing your own professional graphics, it doesn’t offer everything you need to build a career in graphic design.

Remember that experience is different for everyone – we all learn at different speeds and excel at different practices. The importance comes down to creating a  portfolio of work.

Graphic Design Job With No Experience

Experience is everything for a hiring manager looking to fill any position in the creative industry. But it doesn’t have to be. There are thousands of businesses out there that will be happy to provide you with a platform for your work.

Brighton is the creative capital of the UK. That’s why so many businesses across the city offer potential placements with internships and freelance opportunities. These opportunities arent limited to Brighton – they’re available up and down the country!

The UK Governments Kickstart Scheme also provides opportunities for web and design agencies to offer temporary employment as graphic designers. However, this is limited to 16-24 year olds!

How To Learn Graphic Design For FREE

Becoming a professional graphic designer with no experience is going to cost. Whether that’s time or money, there’s always a burden to bear. But remember, you definitely don’t need a degree in graphic design to be successfull!

So what free graphic design options are there? Well, if you want to practice photoshop without the cost, use an alternative like Photopea. If you want a basic tutorial, search YouTube. Use your initiative and take it in your own time.

At Strohacker Design School we offer a number of free resources to help you learn graphic design for free. With informative blogs and a free guide on how to create a logo, there’s a lot you can learn for free.

The Best Beginners Graphic Design Course

If you want to be a professional, job-ready graphic designer within half a year, Strohacker Design School offer the tools you need. With the best beginner graphic design course on the market, you’ll secure a professional position in no time.

Why is it the best beginners design course? 3 simple reasons: 


We provide the knowledge designers need to succeed from the get-go. Built by industry professionals with over 30 years in the field, no one else can offer a course like this.


We teach the fundamental skills of graphic design and apply them to the most dynamic and growing industries within the field. This includes using live design briefs.


We work with you to kickstart your first position. Whether that’s salaried, freelance or setting up your own business. Drink from our fountain of knowledge!

So if you are ready to start your graphic design journey, do it with the experts at the Strohacker Design School!

At Strohacker Design school you can learn graphic design in just three months.

95% of our students go on to find long term creative employment, so what are you waiting for?

Be Job Ready!

Find out more about our online graphic design coursepart-time or full-time courses today.

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