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What Job Can I Get in Graphic Design?

Discover The UK’s Most Common Graphic Design Job Titles

When you first start searching for a job in graphic design – after learning at the Strohacker Design School that is – you will have all the skills you need to secure that first post in your new career. 

But what does a first graphic design job actually look like?

Discover the UK’s most common graphic design job titles and what graphic design job roles you can apply for.

Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here

Yes, the phrase is more than just a quote from a Drake song. If you’re trying to work out what jobs you can get in graphic design, there are two graphic design job titles that you should pay attention to.

A typical graphic design career path begins as a junior graphic designer at a creative agency or as part of a large corporation’s in-house design team. 

From there, you could pursue a career as a midweight designer, then a senior designer, an art director and then a creative director.

Junior Graphic Designer

Welcome to the graphic design club. This is a big step in your graphic design career and is most commonly found in a digital agency or medium-sized business. A successful candidate would support a wider team in designing internal and external-facing brand assets and ensuring a consistent, high-quality brand representation across assets.

Creative Director

Yes, this is the big one. Top dog, head honcho, number one. A creative director assists and leads a team of professional graphic designers and acts as the point of contact for the department. Normally working alongside an ‘Assistant Director’, the Creative Director owns the space creatively and communicates effectively with other departments like Marketing.

Top 5 Most Common Graphic Design Job Roles

There’s more to a graphic design job than a title. When it comes to graphic design job roles, there are hundreds of different shoes your boots can fit.

Front-End Web Designer

Having a good-looking website is essential in this day and age. Whether it’s a landing page or a full website, with website design tools like Elementor, graphic designers are in demand for front-end web development.

Apparel Graphic Designer

An apparel designer is responsible for printing and designing the graphics on apparel. Sounds simple right? However, their big responsibility is to understand what would appeal to the customers and communicate that effectively.

UX Designer

The main duty of the UX designer is to monitor the experience and interaction of customers with a product or website and use this data to make informed decisions. The designer then acts upon this data to improve and optimise the experience.

Digital Marketing Designer

Advertising is a fundamental pillar in graphic design. Using type, photos, graphics and other assets, digital marketing designers create content for output online. This includes social media, websites and more.

Product Packaging Designer

Every product you see on the shelf has been designed by someone. Developing the branding of packaging involves understanding hierarchy and the importance of organising information effectively.

Trying to Get a Job In Graphic Design?

The Strohacker Design School supports its students however it can when it comes to finding their first job in graphic design. But what does that involve? 

Well, every graduate receives long-term support in furthering their graphic design career. Whether that role is freelance or salaried, we have the skills to help secure your employment. 

That’s not all, students also receive a print and digital portfolio and industry connections that simply aren’t available elsewhereDon’t worry, you also get a certification!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to start learning graphic design and to secure your future career as a graphic designer.

At Strohacker Design school you can learn graphic design in just three months.

95% of our students go on to find long-term creative employment, so what are you waiting for?

Be Job Ready!

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