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graphic design job interview questions

Graphic Design Job Interview Questions

You’ve just been offered an interview for the perfect graphic design job – congratulations!

Now you’ve landed that interview, it’s essential that you prepare yourself. Get ready to showcase your portfolio, skills and personality to the interviewer.

Learn what questions are most often asked at a graphic design job interview and how you should approach answering them.

Graphic Design Job Interview Questions

Most job interviews, including graphic design job interviews, follow a fairly straightforward formula of questions and answers. It’s your responsibility to put your personality and skills on display in this short window of time.

“Can You Tell Us a Bit About Yourself?”

For introverts everywhere, this can be an imposing question to be asked and can really throw them.

However, this is your initial opportunity to put yourself on display to the prospective company and explain how your thoughts, skills and personality align with the business.

Just because they’ve asked about you, don’t forget to draw on your graphic design experience.  Reference similar work you’ve completed, where you’ve studied and your values.

Try not to be intimated by this question, they know not everybody enjoys talking about themselves! Stay calm and you’ll be sure to nail this graphic design job interview question.

“Can You Walk Us Through Your Portfolio?”

As a graphic designer, whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, you will have put together a graphic design portfolio showcasing your skills as a graphic designer.

As you walk through your portfolio, draw particular attention to similar work you have done before, projects you are super passionate about and your creative process. Remember to mention where your inspiration came from!

Within this question, the interviewer wants to gauge your creative approach, your creative mindset and gain an understanding of your abilities.

At Strohacker Design School, we help you build a physical and digital portfolio, so whether your interview is conducted in person or via Zoom, you’ll be ready to ace your graphic design interview.

“What Design(s) Have You Seen Lately That You Liked/Disliked?”

This question is the perfect opportunity to show that you understand the fundamentals of graphic design and allows you to highlight your creative decision making. It will also show that you keep informed about your career industry and understand the latest trends.

When it comes to answering this question, it’s not enough to simply say that your liked or disliked a campaign. Elaborate on your reasoning behind your opinion and contextualise this in relation to the job.

Think about how you would change the design to improve the execution in terms of the target audience, colour, typography and more.

Throughout a Strohacker Design School graphic design course, you will see hundreds of examples of graphic design and be able to confidently discuss all aspects of design.

“How Do You Handle Tight Timelines?”

Being able to handle multiple projects and deadlines comes part and parcel with a career in graphic design. The interviewer wants to gauge how you handle projects and whether you can handle strict deadlines.

To answer this graphic design job interview question effectively, draw upon an example where you have managed a time-sensitive project effectively.

If you are new to handling the demands of being a graphic designer, reflect on times you’ve hit deadlines in other scenarios or how you managed time while studying.

At Strohacker Design School, we offer design courses that are very flexible, allowing you to learn graphic design around other commitments. You could use this as an example of task management!

“What Are Your Salary & Work Location Expectations”

In 2021, it is often likely that jobs do not specify the salary of the position when advertising the job. Instead, it is thrust upon you suddenly during your interview. It’s important to know before your interview what your expectations are.

Make sure to conduct market and job title research prior to your interview to gain a better understanding of the salary range you should request based on your experience and skills. You could even use LinkedIn to research previous company employees.

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 changed the way the world of work operates when it comes to working location expectations. When researching the company culture, take a look at their COVID-19 response and guidelines.

Strohacker Design School offer in-person and remote graphic design courses to provide flexibility and opportunities for all and many graphic design jobs will do the same.

Nail Your Graphic Design Interview

Nailing a graphic design job interview will put you on the pathway to success; so make sure you do your research.

Remember, they’ve picked you for an interview for a reason – be like Geroge Michael: Have Faith!

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