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Graphic Design Chichester

The South Coast is home to several creative towns and cities, including Brighton and Chichester.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that Chichester is home to an award-winning graphic design school!

Join us as we explore the premier option on offer when it comes to learning graphic design in Chichester.

Learn Graphic Design From The Experts

Chichester is home to the Strohacker Design School, architects of the UK’s only ‘Job-Ready’ graphic design course. 

Designed by a handful of experts, a graphic design course from Strohacker Design School is the smart way of building a career in graphic design.

What distinguishes the Strohacker Design School from other teaching programmes in Chichester is the impressive support they offer. 

There is constant, useful feedback provided throughout the course with actionable adaptions suggested. But that’s not all.  In the months following the course, they assist students in finding work through their network of contacts. 

When it comes to building a portfolio, Strohacker Design School has that sorted too! All students receive a printed portfolio to show to potential clients. 

On the subject of potential clients…

Why Learn Graphic Design in Chichester?

Graphic design is one of the UK’s fastest-growing job titles, with over 30,000 full-time employees claiming the title in 2020.

With the job opportunities in Chichester, it’s obvious why so many students want to learn graphic design in Chichester.

Chichester is home to a number of exciting businesses screaming out for in-house graphic designers and digital content producers. Not to mention the number of Digital Marketing Agencies that can outsource work to you! 

Did you know that Brighton’s creative industries are worth more than £1.5 billion? Did you also know that Brighton is only an hour from Chichester? You don’t need us to do the maths on that one – the possibilities are endless. 

Don’t forget: one of the unique aspects of a career in graphic design is that it can be done almost anywhere. Even if you learn graphic design in Chichester, it doesn’t mean you can’t find remote work in London, Manchester or even further afield!

Who Wants to Learn Graphic Design? 

Our previous graphic design students have come from all walks of life.

We’re proud to say that our graphic design course is welcome to all. All we ask is that our students are enthusiastic, passionate, and eager to learn.

Whether you’re a Marketing whizz looking to upskill yourself, a student who doesn’t fancy going to university or a parent looking to retrain, we have a design course for you. 

The Strohacker Design School is the only graphic design school in Chichester to offer student finance. Wanna know the best bit? It’s interest-free!

How To Learn Graphic Design in Chichester

Now you see the potential, I bet you’re wondering “how do I start learning graphic design in Chichester?”. 

Don’t fret – Strohacker Design School has the answer! 

Filling out a quick contact form and speaking with course director Bill Strohacker is all it takes to start your graphic design journey.

We understand how difficult it can be to take the plunge and learn a new skill. That’s why you can’t just join a course. We’ll talk about the best option for you and be there for you every step of the way.

Ready To Learn Graphic Design in Chichester? Enquire now!

At Strohacker Design school you can learn graphic design in just three months.

95% of our students go on to find long term creative employment, so what are you waiting for?

Be Job Ready!

Find out more about our online graphic design coursepart-time or full-time courses today.

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