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Graphic Design Career Change

Graphic Design Career Change

It is well known that the education system does not prepare students to pursue a creative career. Which is strange, considering that during the early phases of childhood, parents, guardians and teachers all work together to encourage children to be as creative as possible.

Creativity can be taught, yet we neglect this subject as soon as young people reach secondary school. It is estimated that the average person will spend over 90,000 hours of their lives at work and we believe you should be something that truly fulfils you. If you are considering retraining as a graphic designer, read on to hear some of the first-hand experiences from our students who have taken control of their working lives.

Our graphic design school has been running for over just over five years now and in that time we have met a variety of people from different working backgrounds, with one thing in common – the desire to be passionate about their career.

However, it can be daunting to consider a career change, especially if you have completed many years of training or invested money into your education. For this reason, many people stay in the wrong job because they feel like there is no other option. It really comes down to one question, are you prepared to take the plunge in order to be happy? 

Change Your career to Graphic Design

The fact you are reading this shows you have the spark needed to make a change in your life but we understand there may be other factors that are stopping you.

“I do not have any experience”

Would you be surprised to hear that some of our students started without being able to draw? You do not need to have a passion for sketching or painting to be successful as a graphic designer. And if you do want to be able to do that, the best time to start is now because creativity can be taught! We strongly believe this as we have seen it happen with our students again and again.

“I cannot take time out of work”

This is the most common problem with retraining and it is a tough one! That is why we offer an online graphic design course that can be completed in just 7 hours per week. Giving you the flexibility to work around your day-to-day commitments. 

“It is just my hobby” 

Learning graphic design gives you the opportunity to work in almost any industry. Better yet, you will have the freedom to specialise in a medium that suits you. From website design, publishing, advertising, computer games and more. Where can your hobby lead you? 

We hope this article has given you the inspiration to kick start your new career – there is no time like the present! Sign up for our monthly newsletter below to get the latest news in graphic design and more stories from our graphic design studio.

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