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freelance graphic design pricing guide

Freelance Graphic Design Pricing Guide

Establish The Perfect Freelance Payment Pricing For Your Graphic Design Work

Whether or not freelance graphic design work accounts for a portion or all of your income, determining the appropriate freelance graphic design rates is a critical step that must be taken seriously.

Despite this, it can be incredibly tricky knowing the worth of your skills, especially when clients often hate actually having to pay (god forbid!). Remember, now more than ever, your creative, professional skills are more in demand than ever before!

Here you shall discover the challenges faced by freelance graphic designers when it comes to pay, the importance of knowing the value of your skills and how to price yourself correctly.

The Trials & Tribulations of Freelance Graphic Design Work

The most obvious difference between freelance graphic design work is the fact that there is no “salary” per se. This essentially means that your income is far more likely to fluctuate month over month (depending on the gain or loss of work) and that you will have to invoice a company you have been working for. 

As a freelancer, finding the work is half the job in the first place! Striking up business relationships with clients can be tough, especially if you are not too sociable. Network, network, network – it really is who you know

Whilst there are popular freelance websites all across the internet, you might find it hard to find success on these platforms. As worldwide platforms, the competition for work is extreme. Especially as freelance graphic design rates from designers in India or the Philippines are not the same as those in the UK or Australia.

Know Your Worth (Literally!)

Never lowball yourself to stay competitive. Graphic design skills are in demand across the world – that’s why there is so much competition on these sites in the first place! 

Most businesses want a professional, friendly designer who treats them like they are the only client they have. Also, don’t feel bad about asking for more money. You have to eat too!

As a freelancer, you still have all of the same costs as everyone else, perhaps even more so perhaps! Tech, software and bills all come out of your own pocket, instead of an employer.

Freelance Graphic Design Pay Scales

For some freelancers, several small clients who come back regularly are the core of their income. Larger, more extensive projects are harder to come by and can be harder to secure. Realistically, the backbone of your freelance career will be represented by these smaller projects.

Time to talk money. Choosing between hourly and fixed prices is tough. If your using sites like UpWork, you’ll see many advertising hourly rates. This is because from a marketing point of view it seems far better value for money for a business, however, this probably isn’t actually true. 

The standard rate on these sites is between $15 – $175. FYI we’re using dollars because that’s the most common currency on freelance platforms!

Our Recommendations for Freelance Design Rates:
  • Pay Per Project
    • Outline the cost of each service, examples of work at that price
    • Be clear what aspects are charged at an additional premium
    • Amendments and admin costs are charged hourly 
  • Industry Standard Day Rate
    • Junior: £150-£250
    • Mid: £275-£350 
    • Senior: £375-£500

Above all, remember that you are limited to a certain pay rate. With the cost of living crises hitting freelancers especially hard, you need to adjust accordingly. Good luck out there! 

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