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Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental graphic design is a unique aspect of the design world that encompasses different disciplines of graphic design.

With architecture, art, lighting and landscape playing a supporting role, this is one of the most interesting design forms.

Discover why environmental graphic design is so important, infamous applications and how you can learn how to use it. 

What is Environmental Graphic Design?

Environmental graphic design is the act of utilising environmental aspects to inform the design itself. This can be extended further by utilising typography internally or externally to inform an audience. There is however a lot of ways the term can be interpreted in the design industry.

The use of the term ‘environmental’ refers directly to the more traditional use of the adjective. In this instance, “environmental” means: ‘relating to or arising from a person’s surroundings.

Examples of Environmental Graphic Design

The concept of environmental graphic design can be applied across a range of scenarios but is primarily used within signage to dictate information and directions. However, it’s not just signage. Environmental graphic design has also seen applications in film and branding.

Applications in Signage

People need to get places – that’s never going to change. A sign designer’s job is to tell people in the area about their current location, desired location, and how to move from one to the other.

Whether it’s a hospital, office, parking garage, or the city centre it’s the designer’s job to make sure that experience is unique.

Multi Directional sign for Chichester

Applications in TV & Film

When it comes to providing the audience with information in movies, it’s up to directors to make this exposition unique. That’s why when a film like ‘The Suicide Squad’ comes along, it’s important we shout about it. 

Throughout the title, James Gunn transforms the environment to encompass text to provide the viewer with information in regards to locations and chapters.

Applications in Branding

Brand identity is everything when it comes to establishing synergy in modern marketing. That’s why when it comes to advertising a brand in a physical environment, design is of the utmost importance. 

When it comes to supermarkets and shopping outlets, environmental graphic design is implemented to help brands stand out from the crowd and showcase deals and offers.

Image of East Street in Chichester many years ago

How To Learn More About Graphic Design

When it comes to learning more about graphic design and how to use it effectively, the Strohacker Design School offers more than just guidance. 

Strohacker Design School offer professional graphic design courses in Chichester which teaches pupils the fundamentals of graphic design. Including environmental graphic design! 

These expert graphic design courses aren’t exclusive to the South Coast either. The Strohacker Design School offers a number of online design courses so you can learn graphic design in whatever environment you choose. 

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