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Covid Safe Design Course

Covid Safe Design Course

The past 2 years have been tough for many. Especially for those in public services, those in education and those in the hospitality industry. 

At the Strohacker Design School, we have recognised the challenges faced by those looking to educate themselves. That’s why we have developed this Covid safe design course to provide everyone with a secure learning environment. 

As we head into an uncertain situation in 2022, discover how you can re-train into the design industry in a safe learning environment.

Our Covid-19 Safety Guarantee

The Strohacker Design School promotes the safety of its students above all else when it comes to learning graphic design in 2022.

Using the most recent Government & NHS advice, we have compiled a set of guidelines to reassure our students and teachers. 

We know that despite the challenges in the world, people want to learn new skills, expand their CV and build a new career. That’s why our Covid safe design course upholds and exceeds government safety guidelines.

Basepoint Enterprise Centre Coronavirus Guidelines

We have worked extensively with the team at the Basepoint Chichester Enterprise Centre (BCEC) to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

There are hand-sanitizing stations adjacent to every door in the building and a one-way system in place on staircases. Face masks are compulsory in every indoor public space. 

As the kitchen is communal at the Basepoint Centre a maximum of two individuals with a face covering are allowed in at one time. 

Basepoint was deliberately chosen as our base of operations as it is a communal enterprise centre with lots of exciting growing businesses. We hope to get our students networking with those on the premises again soon.

How Is This a Covid Safe Design Course?

During the pandemic, we have strived to do everything within our power to ensure the safety of our students when they visit our classroom. 

Our team wipe clean surfaces and screens on a daily basis, taking the safest precautions to keep everyone germ-free. We provide sanitary cleaning solutions and personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes hand sanitiser and face shields. 

Windows and doors are kept open to ventilate the room and prevent the virus from spreading. We also have heaters, so don’t be concerned about the cold! To prevent the spread of infection, plastic partitions have been placed between student and staff desks.

Lessons start at 9:30 a.m. every day to avoid rush hour and busy periods within the building. This helps to stagger arrival times and public interaction. If you attend via public transportation, please be cautious when passing through crowds.

Can I Learn Graphic Design at Home?

Of course you can! Strohacker Design School makes it easy to learn graphic design at home with our innovative online design courses. 

Students can work at their own pace and from wherever they want thanks to the way our online graphic design course is provided. 

When you learn from home, you can ensure your safety and still learn graphic design effectively. 

Whether you decide to learn graphic design online or in class, Strohacker Design Students receive a number of great benefits. These include a 65% student discount on the Adobe Creative Cloud

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