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Bill Strohacker


For over two decades, Bill has dedicated himself to the realms of design and education, serving as a dynamic creative director and a versatile designer and educator. His journey commenced in the realm of publishing where he left his mark as the designer of the pioneering ‘Tank Girl’ Graphic Novel alongside Jamie Hewlett & Alan Martin, followed by his iconic design contributions to Smash Hits magazine.

Transitioning into the Virgin Group, Bill brought his expertise to bear on numerous well-known Virgin brands, leaving his indelible imprint as a creative and brand designer. Simultaneously, he took on the role of a lecturer and mentor, guiding aspiring designers through various levels of design education, from foundational to degree programs. His commitment to education extended beyond the classroom as he authored and developed innovative courses spanning graphic design and fashion media.

In addition to his professional engagements, Bill nurtures his creative vision through his design studio situated in Chichester.