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Alan Martin


Alan is a British comics writer best known as author of the comic strip Tank Girl.

Martin first met Tank Girl co-creator Jamie Hewlett in 1986 at Worthing Art College. With fellow student Philip Bond they began collaborating on a comic/fanzine called Atomtan. Within the pages of Atomtan, Jamie and Alan created the embryo for a comic character that would become Tank Girl.

The Tank Girl series first appeared in the debut issue of Deadline (1988), a UK magazine intended as a forum for new comic talent, and continued as the lead character of the magazine until it finally folded in 1996. The original run of Tank Girl comics were all produced in Alan’s home town of Worthing.

In 1995, the comic was also adapted into a feature length movie by MGM/UA. The film featured Lori Petty as Tank Girl, Naomi Watts as Jet Girl, Malcolm McDowell as the bad guy, and rapper Ice-T as a mutant kangaroo. Alan and Jamie are known for speaking poorly of the movie, and of their experience in Hollywood. However the film has become a cult classic, and continues to bring a fresh audience to the comics.

Alan has continued to write more than a dozen new Tank Girl graphic novels, and has overseen the remastering of the Hewlett & Martin “Golden” years of TG.

Tank Girl is currently the UK’s biggest comic export, outselling all other British titles in the USA comic charts.